Phone Number +1 (902) 213 0009

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Area Code: 902

State: Prince Edward Island

City: Charlottetown

Time Zone: UTC -03:00

International Number Format: +1 (902) 213 0009



+1 (902) 213-0009

Local Number Format: 902-213-0009


(902) 213-0009

Recent comments

Patrick Clark, 09/15/2021 03:59

Rating: 5

From this number they call me often. The number belongs to the owners of a large store, and when they have promotions and discounts, they offer to visit their store and purchase goods at favorable prices. I often buy good products from them for inexpensive

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Recent reviews

Mark Green, 09/19/2021 07:48

Number: +14382570012

Rating: 5

A very kind person calls from this number, he always helps me. When he has a job in the store, he calls me to earn some money, there are night shifts. Pays well and sometimes gives free groceries. There is a surcharge for night shifts

Kevin567, 09/19/2021 04:37

Number: +15812330014

Rating: -5

A very suspicious number, I don't like it. They call from him, mainly in the evening and at night. They almost always say nothing. Recently they called and turned on the music, then after the music was heard the crying of children. And money is always debited from the phone balance

Linda Thomson, 09/19/2021 01:06

Number: +15192050008

Rating: 5

This number belongs to a person who does charity work, he helps both people and animals. This person asks for help, you can bring clothes, money, food, medicine. Then he distributes all this to people in need, feeds and heals the animals. I always try to help

Riana56, 09/18/2021 21:57

Number: +15142060010

Rating: -5

I don't like this number, it is very suspicious. A month ago they called from him and offered to take part in a lottery with a huge prize fund. I refused. And a week ago they called and said that I had won a big prize, but in order to get it, I need to give my card number