Phone Number +1 (905) 337 9948

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Area Code: 905

State: Ontario

City: Oakville

Time Zone: UTC -04:00

International Number Format: +1 (905) 337 9948



+1 (905) 337-9948

Local Number Format: 905-337-9948


(905) 337-9948

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July Simon, 09/21/2021 08:22

Number: +12042060013

Rating: 5

A man calls me from this number, he is the owner of a large supermarket. And when he needs workers for temporary work, he offers me various vacancies. Pays a little, but always on time, there are night shifts, which is very convenient for me

Barbie Gomez, 09/21/2021 04:48

Number: +14312250008

Rating: -4

Bank employees call from this number. They offer to take out a loan on favorable terms. If they refuse, they call again a few days later and already call another bank, offer to open a deposit at a high interest rate. They always call late at night

Marta Morgan, 09/21/2021 01:31

Number: +14312250005

Rating: -5

A very suspicious number, I don't like it. They call from him, mainly in the evening and at night. They almost always say nothing. Recently they called and turned on the music, then after the music was heard the crying of children. Then the crying of children changed to loud laughter, it's very scary

Tim55, 09/20/2021 10:05

Number: +17052080006

Rating: 5

A very kind person calls from this number, he always helps me. When he has a job in the store, he calls me to earn some money. Pays well and sometimes gives free groceries. He calls many who need work and who need money.